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1.      Bradley J, Matias A, Schwabe C, Vargas D, Monti F, Nseng G & Kleinschmidt I. Increase risks of malaria due to limited residual; life of insecticide and outdoor biting versus protection by combined use of nets and indoor residual spraying on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea. Malaria Journal 2012; 11: 242. Available from: doi: 10.1186/ 1475-2875-11-242

2.     Corbel V, Akogbeto M, Damien GB, Djenontin A, Chandre F, Rogier C, et al. Combination of malaria vector control interventions in pyre-throid resistance areas in Benin: A cluster randomized controlled trial. Lancet Infectious Diseases 2012 Aug; 12(8): 617-626. Available from: doi:10.1016/S1473-3099(12) 70081-6 Malaria Policy Advisory Committee Meeting -Background Document Session 3 (12 March 2014)/13.

3.    World Health Organization. Malaria Ento-mology and Vector Control: Guide for Participants: Training Module for Malaria Control. Geneva, WHO, 2013.

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