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A clinical study with before-and-after study design was conducted. Thirty mandibular edentulous elderly patients (>60 years old) were recruited from the patients visiting the University of Dental Medicine, Mandalay and from those referred by private dentists who were informed about the subject recruitment. After thorough explanation and informed consent process, OHRQoL of all participants was assessed at baseline before rehabilitation treatment by using Oral Health Impact Profile (OHIP) questionnaire.11

Conventional mandibular complete dentures were prescribed according to standard pro-sthodontic protocols performed at the Department of Prosthodontics, University of Dental Medicine, Mandalay. Investigations including cephalometric radiograph, blood tests for excluding diabetes mellitus, bleeding and clotting disorders were done. Only the subjects who were considered medically fit for minor surgery were included in the study. Two weeks after denture delivery, a single implant (one-body implant, Dentium, Korea) was placed surgically at midline of the mandible (Fig. 1) and 4 weeks after implant placement, the existing denture was modified to implant-retained mandibular complete overdenture by attaching the rubber
O-ring housing into the denture (Fig. 2). OHRQoL of all patients were assessed 2 weeks after attachment delivery. Paired
t test was employed to compare OHRQoL at baseline and after prosthodontic rehabilitation.

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